The Green Gallery

Visit the Green Gallery and discover a variety of artists and mediums. Oils, watercolours, pastels, pen and wash along with vibrant colours and a vast display of different and creative styles expressed using canvas, paper or bronze.

This explosive variety and talent is packed into these wonderful 55 square metres of gallery, which exudes a happy, friendly and professional atmosphere.

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The Green Gallery has been associted with Marion Townsend since the Opening of Our Gallery. Marion was Born in Johannesburg to a Polish Family. She did Art at School but had no Other formal training.  She has attended Various Art workshops and demonstrations over the Years but is mostly self taught.

Marion has been a member of The Water Colour Society for many Years and has

Earned recognition as One of South Africas Top Water Colour Arists, she is Known for her South African landscapes and on There Travels and Many Photograps taken , she has caputured some amazing old Iconic Buildings and Landscapes of Typical South African Scenery. Cape Dutch Houses, The old Tearooms, Churches that are scattered around Our Wonderful Country  and The Beauty in Delapadated old farm Houses with a rusty old Tractor or a bicycle leaning againts the corrugated wall……leaving Our imagination to create a story that fills Our hearts with That Warm “Once apon a time Feeling”.

Marion has diversified into using Acrylics and is now bringing a more dramatic feel to her Art as The Rich Colours create a more Majestic feel and deepness to her Landscapes.

She has Won many Awards over the Years and recently won , The Artland Award for her “ Silent Houses of The Karoo”  at the first Official I.W.S.S.A exhibition at The Artem Gallery, Sea Point in Cape Town.

Marion Continues to Teach her regular classes in Hilton KZN, as well as doing Workshops by Invitation all Around South Africa.

The Green Gallery Has a Great selection of Marions Paintings.