Nicole Pletts

Nicole was born in Durban in 1964, where she still resides and is one of South Africa’s leading impressionist and contemporary artists.  Whilst painting full time for the past 12 years Nicole has also been very active in the local art scene and is currently the vice President of  KZNSA in Durban.

Nicole has participated in many exhibitions over the years, e.g. In 2012 at The Green Gallery with Ian Van Zyl, Casa Labia in Cape Town with Makiwa Muthomba and Sue Greef.    Solo exhibition’s in Hermanus in 2015 and 2016,   KZNSA in Durban with Pascale Chandler and Marianne Meijer in 2016 and each year since 2004 at the annual KZNSA Members Exhibition.

Nicole was a finalist in both the SASOL New Signatures 2009 in Pretoria and the Tollman Bouchard Finlayson Art competition in 2014.  She published a Poetry Book in 2015, had her painting used on a Camberley Estates 2012 Shiraz Wine label and won the d’Urban d’Art Exchange and Artist’s Choice Award Exhibition in 2012.

With her camera always on hand, Nicole’s art is painted from her own captured images.  Favouring the gentle early morning and late afternoon hues, she is drawn to light and movement when colours are softer.

Nicole’s paintings incorporate muted colours and particularly brown and grey.  Her subjects and canvas size varies greatly and she is well known for her themed series of works which began with ‘Men at Work’,  then ‘Divers’, thereafter ‘Cyclists’ and more recently ‘Nuns’.

Not limited however to portraits and figures – Nicole’s exquisite large canvas’s of Proteas, Lillies and Roses adorn the walls of many homes around the country.